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Catlin and Sally in love

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Another World (AW)  was a Daytime Emmy-winning American soap opera which ran on the NBC television network (CTV in Canada) from May 4, 1964 to June 25, 1999. 8891 episodes of Another World were produced.
Mary Page Keller played Sally (June 1983 - June 21, 1985; from 1985-1986 Taylor Miller played Sally).

Thomas played Catlin Ewing on Another World from 1984-1987. Catlin arrived in Bay City as the long-lost, troublesome half-brother of Larry and Blaine Ewing. Catlin had the habit of never staying in one place for too long. He worked in Donna's stables and had a roll in the hay with her before moving on. Catlin was best remembered for his turbulent relationship with Sally Frame (Mary Page Keller). For the 1983-1984 television season, the viewers increase was attributed to the emergence of couple Sally Frame and Catlin Ewing, and the return of actress Jacqueline Courtney as Dr. Alice Matthews Frame, who had been fired from the show nine years earlier despite being immensely popular with viewers.



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Catlin Ewing and Sally Frame: They've both been scarred by past disappointments in their lives, but when they are together, Catlin and Sally project a breathless innocence that is the hallmark of young love. From the moment he met her, Catlin has treated Sally with gentleness, respect and unselfish concern, ignoring his own troubles life to be her constant rescuer. She, in turn, has been able to share her worries withe the fresh-faced, unspoiled Ewing, who is so different from the users she'd known before. The relationship is a poignant one, marked more by yearning than fulfillment. Even cynical Cecile recognized the pure love shared by Catlin and Sally, and openly envied it. As these potential lovers began to hint at their passion for each other, Catlin was yanked away from Sally by crual fate, and more time will have to pass before they win the happiness they deserve together. The unfairly judged, hulking hero and his delicate damsel-in-distress: it's a tale as old as romance itself, but, interpreted with sincere vulnerability by Thomas Ian Griffith and Mary Page Keller, the saga of Catlin and Sally is a real grabber.


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Sally meets Catlin
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Christmas Day, 1984




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